Established in June 2016, the company named dk engineering is a venture led in form of one-man business by an experienced mechanical engineer Dariusz Koncewicz.

Dariusz Koncewicz
Dariusz Koncewicz

I work actively in the field of mechanical designing since December 1992, having more than 25-years of professional experience. All this time I worked in the design of various mechanical equipment, specialising particularly in the load handling and transportation systems. Starting as a constructor on the traditional drawing board, through 2D-CAD systems (as LogoCAD, MegaCAD, AutoCAD) and ending up working in a 3D-CAD environment (Solid Edge, NX, SolidWorks). I have gained also some experience in structural stress analysis with use of FEA (Cosmos/M). I carried out my work both independently and as a member of small or bigger project teams, often acting as lead engineer in the field of mechanical engineering or leading a multi-disciplinary design team (mechanical/hydraulics/electrics & controls).

Among equipment constructed at the beginning of my career could be found belt conveyors and steel structures for various purposes. Then I acquired more and more experience in the construction of lifting equipment, starting from the standard overhead travelling cranes, gantry cranes and light pillar cranes, through much more advanced and complex appliances designed mainly for the offshore industry. That includes different types of pedestal cranes, winches, specialised cranes (e.g. for BOP and X-mas Tree), BOP transporters or so-called skids & skidding systems. I had also opportunity to design the pipe handling system on the specialised vessel dedicated for laying pipelines on the seabed or a system for launching and recovery of new generation trencher (A-frame for T-1500). It is worth of emphasise that the mentioned devices were frequently prototypes, which are often quite a challenge, considering lack of previous experience gained through similar machines. However, I do not avoid this sort of demanding work on non-standard devices, which I have found more interesting and providing a greater amount of new experience in comparison to activities related with offer considered as „typical”.

More details about my professional career and some additional information may be found on my Linkedin.