In scope of my activities I can offer, among others:

  • Designing of various types of machines and equipment on customer’s order, yourself or as a member of organised team (depending on work scope and expected delivery time).
  • Working as a hired lead engineer (freelancer) to reinforce customer’s designing team (temporary, project based assignment, focused on particular task completion). May be performed directly in customer’s location, remote (in my location) or both ways (depending on agreements and technical possibilities).
  • Working as a hired manager/specialist (freelancer) on different positions according to customer’s needs and contractual agreements (defined work scope, time frames, working hours, etc.).
  • Consulting, analysis and technical opinions, based on experience and competences gained during my professional career.
  • Many others activities according to qualifications, to support my customers in solving their problems or to fulfil specific requirements of final clients.

I own and I use in my work following engineering tools for designing:

  • 3D modelling and 2D drawings based on prepared models – Solid Edge Premium software.
  • Drawings made solely in 2D, e.g. concept sketches or design assumptions – program GstarCAD Professional (drawings in AutoCAD standard).
  • FEM calculations of solid or shell type models – Simulation module for Solid Edge (contains NX Nastran solver).
  • FEM calculations of beam type models – program RM-3D.
  • Calculations made traditional method „on paper” – Mathcad Prime Express software.

I invite you to contact me and establishing bilateral beneficial cooperation.